Three Signs Your Cracked Drywall May Be More Than a Cosmetic Issue

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Drywall cracks occur in every home. Cracks are usually the result of normal expansion and contraction caused by seasonal temperature and humidity changes. However, some drywall cracks may indicate that your home has major structural issues such as a cracked or settling foundation. Here are 3 signs that the cracks in your drywall are more than just cosmetic:

1. Large Gaps

Any drywall crack that is more than 3/16” wide warrants further investigation. Large gaps often indicate that significant structural movement has occurred.

2. Sticky Doors

If cracked drywall is accompanied by doors that are difficult to open or close, structural problems could be to blame. Some minor stickiness is normal, but if the door no longer fits properly in its frame, it could be the result of a shifting or sinking foundation.

3. Nail Pops

When you notice a drywall crack, inspect the nearby walls for protruding drywall screw heads. These are called “nail pops,” and they can be an indication of a structural problem.

Other warning signs to watch for include:

• Cracked tile or bricks

• Sloping floors

• Misaligned molding

If you find drywall cracks that concern you, have your foundation inspected by a licensed contractor who can identify and address problems before they get worse. For information about foundation repair in Carlsbad visit this website.


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